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These days every second person is freak about playing the combat or battle royale games. Are you also one of them? If you are nodding in reply then here's another battle royale game for you that you can try Zombs Royale hack. The game is created amazingly by the ASEG and was launched a year back in 2018. The best thing is that you not only can enjoy the game on android, iOS but also on the web browser, as well as on the Microsoft Windows.

The Zombs Royale hack game has already launched ten seasons of the game. In these seasons they have added some new pieces of stuff such as locations, features and some additional skills to make your character customized according to you.

There are in total of six different classes of weapons in Zombs Royale. These six classes are reiterated below. The classes are mentioned in a row as per the damages they do to the enemy.

  • • Common: These are the most easily found weapon class in the game. You can grab the type of weapons anywhere in the battleground. These are even lying around the crates, and you can pick them up.
  • • Uncommon: The weapons of the particular class do a little more damage to the enemies. These are also very easy to grab, as well.
  • • Rare: Don’t get confused with the name as these are no so rare to find in the game. These are more dangerous than the previous class.

Now comes, the three classes of weapons from where the rarity starts. These are the powerful weapons in Zombs Royale that you can grab by putting lit bit more efforts.

  • • Epic: The class of weapon are a little bit rare than all the above we had discussed until now.
  • • Legendary: You can easily have your hands on three of the legendary weapons in one round. But let me tell you that these weapons come under the second most potent weapons of Zombs Royale, therefore, if you grab one of them, then it can benefit you a lot throughout the gameplay.
  • • Mythic: Last but not least, here comes the most dangerous weapon of the game, which is very rare to find in the game. You can take an estimate of one out century chances of finding the weapon in entire loot.

These were some of the necessary elements that every novice player should know before playing Zombs Royale. Now you can enjoy the battles with Zombs Royale gems on your mobile phones.

An Overview of Zombs Royale

Zombs Royale, another battle royale game on the gaming platform, has already marked its presence in the gaming world half and a year back. Despite the simplicity of its graphic, it has gained an extraordinary amount of steam amongst the people. It is because the game requires some real strategical and tactical skills to thrive in the arena.


When it comes to the gameplay of Zombs royale, then it is not that easy not that hard. The game will initially plunge you in the battlefield through a plane along with 100 other players. Here, you need to handle the landing by yourself.

After landing on the ground, you will notice that you don't have any of the equipment, which means that you will need to loot all the required elements in the battle arena itself. Until then you can use your fists to fight with your opponent players.

The main aim of Zombs Royale here will be to thrive in the battle until there is only one player left in the ground. One thing I want to mention here is that don’t create a misconception that you require killing the most of the players here; instead you need to loot the weapons to protect you. The best player here will understand that more the encounter he/she will have; greater will be the chances of getting knocked out by the other players. Therefore, make all your strategies wisely by combining the loot, protection and killing tactics altogether and secure your place in Zombs Royale until last.

The Zombs Royale features elements where the players are also provided with an opportunity to grab the supply drops. These supply drops will appear in the sky and are dropped by the planes. In these drops, you will get supplies like powerful weapons, which makes it essential for the players to run for having their hands on these drops. But once again, the point applies here to avoid the encounters here as all the players will be willing to grab the opportunity.


Until now you may have understood the importance of the weapons here. So, let's catch a glimpse of the various classes of firearms in Zombs Royale. The weapons are categorized here based on rarity and the damage they do. There are in total of six classes of weapons named the common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and last one mythic. The Weapons from the mythic category are the most dangerous one among all, but the probability of getting the particular type of weapons is one out of 100 in one whole round. However, comparative to it, all the other weapons are straightforward to found in Zombs Royale. Now that we know the category of the weapons let's move on to the other crucial elements of the game.


These are one of the essential pieces of stuff in Zombs Royale. You can imagine these as a wooden box in which you can get almost anything necessary for making decent progress in the game. These crates can be in four different colours, green, red, brown and blue.

Different types of crates are present in Zombs Royale. All of these crates type are reiterated below:

  • • Basic: These are light brown and contained only a single weapon in them. When you get a weapon from the kind of crate, then you will also get the ammo for the particular weapon as well.
  • • Military: The military crates are much more essential than the basic ones. It is because you can get a good amount of loot here. But Keep in mind the types of crates are not found everywhere in the game but only at the military-themed locations and the bomber base.
  • • Space: You can find these crates near the space base. These also contain one weapon, but these are from the rare category.

There are industrial crates, military long and space long crates as well. You will get to know about them in Zombs Royale itself.

The stuff that is accessible through this crate are weapons, ammo, medical kits, health drinks, scope and much more. Therefore, don't skip collecting all the stuff from these treasure boxes of the game.

Now if you are wondering where you can find the crates, then let me clear your doubt. These can be found anywhere in Zombs Royale, lying on the grounds randomly, in the houses or at other spots as well. To collect the stuff from the crates, you need to press the E letter if you are playing it on your pc. Another way you can get the things out from the crate is by shooting or damaging it.

What about the zombs royale gems and coins?

There are two main in-game resources of the game named the Z-coins and the Zombs Royale gems. The Z-coins are the primary credits and can be collected through various ways in Zombs Royale. Whereas, if we talk about the gems, then these are the premium currency which you can only get by exchanging real money, there is no other way to get these currently.

The basic system requirements for playing the Zombs Royale are mentioned here so that you can opt for a perfect device to experience smooth gameplay.

  • • Linux Mint or the Windows 7 operating system will be compatible with the game.
  • • A CPU with Intel core i3 process and a memory of 4 GB will let you experience the game much more authentically.
  • • Opt for the graphics processor unit of AMD Radeon RX Vega 11.

Minimum requirements

To enjoy the Zombs Royale, your system should have at least the below-reiterated requirements.

A computer having a web browser but keep in mind that Zombs Royale is expected to lag with outdated versions. Furthermore, it can overheat –up to the system as well. If you are playing Zombs Royale on your mobile phones then: Iphone 5 and for android phone, Samsung Galaxy S6 are the minimum requirements.

That’s all about the essential pieces of stuff that all the beginner players should know regarding Zombs Royale. Now you can plan your strategy to make your way to success in the battle arena and securing your top position.

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